September, 18, 2010

First details about TouchRetouch version 2.0!

We are very happy to announce our planned release of TouchRetouch version 2.0.
This is a major update of TouchRetouch, planned to be released in the middle of October.

So, which features will be added into version 2.0?
1) 1:1 image view - rewritten from scratch iPhone's image viewer; (details soon)
2) social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr;
3) powerful "clone stamp" tool with many different modes (some of them are absolutely novel); (details soon)
4) very helpful user hint; (details soon)
5) detailed user help with many pictures, suggestions etc. (localized); (details soon)
6) new video tutorials (In English);
7) application settings;
8) new GUI as well as new App icon;
9) decreased algorithm's memory consumption;
10) landscape mode;
11) sounds;
12) "clear all" tool;
13) EXIF data support;
14) two-finger move when you are in lasso\brush\clone stamp mode;
15) autosaving picture when somebody calls you;
16) changed "eraser" tool.

More details on our forum.
Enjoy using TouchRetouch! :)