July, 4, 2010

Thanks to all of you

The idea of developing TouchRetouch came to my mind in the end of summer, 2009. Since photography is my hobby, so I know how important it is to take picture without something odd in the background.

Of course, the idea of creating retouch tool is not new. Such functionality is available in some software products for personal computers. The basic idea was to give people a chance to transform their photos into the masterpieces within just a few seconds.

So, we decided to implement retouch tool for iPhone. Honestly, our first results were not too good-the algorithm was way too slow, and the output picture was far from perfect. We implemented a lot of approaches, and as a result we got the first mobile version in spring, 2010. We were very proud of it, but wanted better results. That's why we decided to improve the performance of our algorithm thus starting new development stage. And after several months of hard work, we got the first version ready to go to AppStore.

We still can't believe that so many people wrote such great reviews for TouchRetouch. Developing the app is only half-way, if no one likes it-it's useless. That's why would like to thank all our fans around the globe for support and some great ideas for future updates. Enjoy using TouchRetouch! We will make our best to make the app the way you want it to be.


Roman Kutelmakh,

Adva-Soft's Executive Vice-President.